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Connect with Founder Fernando Ratkoczy in LinkedIn-Most recommended in his field. Connect with Founder Fernando Ratkoczy in LinkedIn-Most recommended in his field.


By Fernando Ratkoczy - Executive Career Management Consultant

We may want to change the title of this article to “Finding the right job in tough times is easier”. I make some emphasis on  “Good/Right” because the only real difference between tough times and let’s call them regular times is not how difficult is to find a good/right job but to find a job.

Understand that the right job is always more complex to find since those are positions where we ideally fit in, referring to things such as;  located in the right area, responsibilities to be performed are what we enjoy doing most and not to leave out salary and benefits.

All the requirements and offerings of that opportunity get as close to perfection as it possibly can in an imperfect world. You can see now how finding that job might not be any harder in tough times than it’s in regular times.

When the economy is well and employers are hiring, jobs are advertised and need to be filled quickly. We as job seekers have no chance to even think about what we would like to do next or what we do best. You apply or approach a couple places and they have an opportunity. The company has a need and tries and probably very successfully sales you the company and the opportunity. We at the other hand haven’t had the opportunity to sit down and review our past accomplishments, the value we have brought o our prior employer hopefully in dollars and cents.

We haven’t had time to assess and review our prior responsibilities and determine what we have done best and would like to continue doing in the future.

We haven’t had time to think about our long term goals in our careers and the different decisions we may have to make to successfully achieve those goals.

We haven’t have a chance to turn every stone in front of us in the form of companies and the type of opportunities in the form of growth and training options they offer, their history and employee turnover statistics, their financial stability and their prospects base on industry and other factors of staying that way.

The average length of employment in the US across industries and job disciplines in 2.7 years some estimates are lower. That means that if you don’t find or even search for the right job your chances are that by the company or by your  personal choice the relationship employer-employee will end even before.

Only a few job seekers perform due diligence before they accept an opportunity, many times because they don’t know how to do so or simple fear of not finding another job. They say where there is one there is two.

Guess what? Because times are tough jobs that are not right for you will not jump in front of you and scream”Take me, take me!” you might be in luck. Since for once you have to do your home work and uncover where exactly you fit best and turn every rock and speak to everyone you know.  Since employers are taken more care who the hire there are also looking for the perfect fit, after all they can afford to do so now. But that is great news, since if you are the perfect fit for that position they will be more likely to wait for you and be extremely happy they found you and that you bothered looking for them.

Why does this make sense? Think back on what we wrote about before, the chances are that in a regular economy you would have been snatch by some other job that was not the ideal for you.

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