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Successful Search Factors for a Fast Job Search $139.95 Limited Promotion (Reg. $395.00)


Over many years of teaching and coaching in the career and workforce development areas, we have observed that there are 21 distinct keys that determine how fast or slow a person typically lands in a new job.  When these keys are understood and managed effectively, the job search process can be accelerated to a fraction of the time it will typically take other job hunters to land a job.


1.   Beliefs

2.   Positive Attitude

3.   Job Clarity

4.   Developing skills

5.   Job/Industry Change

6.   Marketing Materials

7.   Verbal Communication

8.   Networking

9.   Internet

10. News-Ads

11.  Recruitment Firms

12.  Direct Approach

13.  Mass Mailings

14.  Time Management

15.  Research

16.  Practice & Preparation

17.  Interviewing

18.  Internal Limiting Factors

19.  External Limiting Factors

20.  Negotiating

21.  Persistence

Successful Search Factors For a Fast Job Search provides the most practical, proven and effective methods available today toward landing the job seekers next job as fast as possible. Whether they are currently unemployed or considering leaving their present job, these job search methods and strategies will help them not only find a job fast, but also help them find the job that is ideal suited for their next stage of life.

This is the  basis  for  this approximately 45 minute Program.