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GOVERNMENT.- Federal, State and Local Governments, these Institutions are unique since they have multiple programs to help government retirees, employment and training programs for the unemployed. New Edge Consultants has a long history in providing content to government institutions, which are currently using our resources. Such as:

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OUTPLACEMENT.- Supporting and providing outplacement services and resources to every employee affected by a decision to re-structure, merge, acquisition, reduction of force, relocation, management change, disagreements, etc, is imperative at this time in local and global markets.

1. It is the right thing to do but is also a wise and cost effective business decision. The resources supplied by the former employer in the form of outplacement services need to ease the transition to new positions, retirement, mild or drastic changes in career direction. As important is the experience utilizing these programs, but most of all the results accomplished.

2. Your remaining staff will respond to these actions through concern on their own positions or tranquility knowing that if it would happen to them, they will be taken care of and most of all they will get quick results with such programs. Outplacement Services will prevent retention, productivity, legal, re-employment, etc. issues.

3. The community will judge your company base on the actions implemented by management and so they may respond towards your product or services.

4. What about if a company needs the services of these separated employees again? Their prior experience will dictate their willingness to return. And perform meeting your expectations.

5. Well, some companies and institutions present the question of affordability of these offerings and the quality attached to them in the way of results.

New Edge Consultants (A New Edge Productions Co.) has created today’s alternative and tomorrow's future in outplacement services. Following the one-on-one approach centered on ensuring the re-employment of terminated personnel within the shortest timeframe possible. 
“Our Training System accomplishes delivery of services in a remarkably cost efficient manner when compared to today's traditional outplacement services providers.  

6. The writers, presenters and developers of our programs are professionals that have honed their skill over decades working with the largest outplacement companies in the world, making their knowledge the leader in the industry with the largest resources and experience not only across the United States but all over the globe.

We are very conservative from the personalize style of our programs but with a high tech twist. We've invested years in compiling the best and most effective information to be assimilated and implemented in the most efficient manner.

Our approach support both our client companies in allowing them to know exactly the info provided and their transitioning employees by increasing portability, assimilation and personalization.

Our system allows clients to access information and motivation 24/7 to complete training modules at their own convenience. Our program provides resources to support job searches, resume and cover letter through 100s of samples and templates fitting hundreds of professions and levels, all through one easy access.

7. These days, restructuring and lay-offs are much more of a fact of life, which means people are much less likely to be traumatized about the experience. Executives and all levels of staff are looking for support from their outplacement program and want to move on quickly to their next opportunity.

8. Transitioning employees will utilize the outplacement program to launch themselves rather than just soften a blow. Our system empowers the user not only to achieve quick success at their own pace but gives a life long lesson in how to recover quickly and land that new opportunity as soon as possible. Provides all the tools to become a pro in the job search techniques with 24/7 access never offered before. Our consultant has always time for the candidate in a few seconds notice. In the past that kind of service could not be paid, now they can have it all at an affordable price.

Founder Fernando Ratkoczy and his team have been entrusted by companies such as:

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EDUCATION.-- Educational Institutions such as Schools, Colleges, Universities, Vocational Schools, Training Facilities, Development Programs, anyone attending these institutions do so to find or change jobs. New Edge Consultants and our programs are the most advanced and effective in the industry. These programs will be an invaluable resource to secure success.

Let’s not forget that the best recommendation of your time spent preparing individuals for the job market is for them to find the right job fast. Unique tool to create success and market your services if you can say: We’ll provide 24/7 access to career development and bottom line to find a job fast. To mention a few to which we provide services:

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TRAINERS.-- Trainers, Consultants, Career Managers, Teachers, Counselors, etc., these professionals have acquired licenses or New Edge Productions Certifications to aid and enhance their skills and delivery. While they might keep their one-on-one or class settings, they also require support programs to enrich and successfully help individuals. The Road-Map to a successful Job Search has helped to keep a constant to follow.

For privacy reasons we’re not able to share individuals names.

OTHERS-OUTPLACEMENT-RECRUITMENT-FOUNDATIONS-etc.-- We call them re-sellers since they usually acquire our services to enhance their offerings to their specific client base. In many cases they ask us to tailor our platforms so no direct connection is made to New Edge Productions.

In a very competitive market if you are able to offer services backed by a unique platform, which allows you not only to improve your offering but win the contract. Is an amazing marketing tool. We’ll mention some where New Edge Productions was not hidden.

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