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Connect with Founder Fernando Ratkoczy in LinkedIn-Most recommended in his field. Connect with Founder Fernando Ratkoczy in LinkedIn-Most recommended in his field.


By Fernando Ratkoczy - Executive Career Management Consultant

When on the phone the interactivity and relationship with other parties changes to same degree since we are lacking the personal face to face advantage. Remember that communications among peoples goes far beyond spoken words.

Communication has three main conduits. As you probably guess words or data is an important component but is not as crucial as you may imagine. Research indicates that data/words count for a 7% of the power of communication.  Just imagine you receive a note, email, letter, etc. You will try to interpret the message the best you can but without knowing if someone was really excited or even if they believed what they were saying at that moment. That’s why it’s so hard to be an eloquent and moving writer. Think resume and cover letter in the job search. These are documents with little or no power. This is the reason why specific and palpable successful facts on these documents help them to be stronger since they do their job by themselves.

The second component is sound or your voice. This accounts for roughly 37% of the power of communication. Imagine a phone conversation where data and sound is exchanged. It’s better but not perfect. Have you ever put faces and expressions on voices? Of course you have we all do it since we can’t judge just data or sound coming from people alone. We fill what is missing with our imagination.  The best way of helping our counter party(ies) to fill with what we want is for us to feel and act on the phone the same way or a notch higher as we would in person. It will come through across the line.

And third and most importantly body language, which accounts for over 60% of the power of communication. Think for a moment and realize how often we make decisions based on others body language before we hear a sound and get a concrete message, they call it reading people beyond words. Some study it, others are naturals at reading what people are really thinking or needing.

There are certain advantages of phone interviews and networking meetings such as; You can have all documents like resume and prior written cover letters, project data, scripts, etc displayed in front of you. In person most of this information needs to surface from your memory when needed.

We recommend that before an interview you dress and prepare yourself the same as you would do if you would be going to a face to face meeting. Dress the part to act the part, believe me it really helps to immerse yourself in the situation. Another point to remember is that silence on the phone could come across to the other party(s) as an endless moment since is not filled with expression and images as it would be in a personal interview.

On phone conversations you should also be able to tell your story in about 20 seconds or you will risk losing the listener.   I have heard and listened to people go on for over 5 minutes in telling someone what they do for a job and what they are looking for.  

Another common mistake is saying that you are unemployed or that “I use to be a…”The fact is that you still are the same person who happens to be looking for a new place to do the work of your choosing.  

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