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Connect with Founder Fernando Ratkoczy in LinkedIn-Most recommended in his field. Connect with Founder Fernando Ratkoczy in LinkedIn-Most recommended in his field.
Independent Distributor

When you become an Independent Distributor, you will have your own business to run. You set your own goals, we will help you along the way as needed. An Independent Distributor can earn as much as they choose. So if you are  looking for  a great part or full time income, this can work for you.

You can work your “Fast Job Search Series” distribution business from home, office and/or the Internet: Build a thriving national and/or international distribution business. You can sell 24 hours a day, every day on the Internet.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much income can I earn? This depends on you and how hard you work at it, based on our assessments you can earn over six figures and more.

How much inventory should  I purchase? There is no inventory to be purchased. If you wish to have a set of DVDs & CDs on hand is up to you but not necessary. All can be showcased online.

Where should I start? You can start by applying for independent distributorship doing the following:

Email your resume with a cover letter requesting distributorship approval. After pre-approval the New Edge Productions’ team will contact you and/or call if you have any questions at 760-536-8685.

Do you provide any training? We provide a Training Session for Independent Distributors to become familiar with the Product(s) and potential Client(s). We’ll also provide free leads where and when available.

Where will this Training Session take place? Depends, but in today’s technological world we have moved to utilizing Skype since is an instrument you may use yourself.

Can I just take orders? Of course, if you would rather create a website, go to trade shows, etc.  

Do you provide free samples? If you wish to have the DVD format on hand you will need to purchase them. But again not necessary with all the availability online.

Can I use the Internet web site as a selling tool? Yes, it is the most efficient and cost effective sample/show medium. We’ll provide you with limited Usernames and Passwords after proper identification of potential client(s), for easy and fast full Program access.

What if I need help? Give us a call or drop us an email and we will be happy to help.

Do I need to sign a contract/agreement? Yes, you need to sign a contract/agreement that will be supplied to you after pre-approval of your independent distributorship request.

If you are interested in becoming an Independent Distributor please email us at for consideration.

Very truly yours,

Fernando A. Ratkoczy


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